Impact! now available

The tool is available for schools. For 89 pounds, a teacher can use all options offered in Impact! for a whole year. A school, thus, pays for one teacher at a time. This can be paid from the professionalization budget of the teacher.

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Instruction meeting and evaluation
To implement Impact! well in your school, an instruction meeting will be provided for those teachers who want to use the app. After a few months, we would like to come along for an (interim) evaluation. Both meetings will be charged.

per teacher


A whole year impact! (at least 10 participating teachers)


Is the student's privacy guaranteed?

Students do not have to type in a name or student number when they fill out a questionnaire. As a result, students' responses are processed confidentially. The teacher only sees the average score of the class, not what an individual student answered.

What is the purpose of Impact!

The goal of Impact! is to provide teachers with insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their lessons my means of student perceptions. Teachers can adjust their lessons, based on the feedback they obtained. They therefore can improve their teaching.

Are students able to see the scores?

A student can see his/her own, average score of the completed questionnaire. They can therefore press ‘score’ on the bottom of their screen. They can also see what their scores were on other lessons in which Impact! was used.

Are the questions in Impact! just questions?

The questions in the app are not just questions, but are based on scientifically established features of effective lessons. Impact! was developed in collaboration with the University of Twente. A team of the UT researches the effect of student feedback on, among other things, teacher reflection, teaching quality and student engagement.

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We are happy to tell you more about what impact! can mean for your school.

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