Using Impact!

On this page, you find everything you need to know about using Impact! as a feedback tool.

Start a questionnaire

Each lesson has a unique code. When the student types this code on a device, then he/she is forwarded to the questionnaire. Because no name or student number has to be filled in, the feedback is confidential. The teacher cannot see what an individual
student has answered.

Organize students into performance groups

When students start filling out the questionnaire, they mention the grade they usually have for the subject taught in the lesson. This allows you to differentiate between how low-, middle-, and high-performing students evaluate your lesson.

Easily give feedback

The student can easily fill out the questionnaire by pressing only one button per question. The answer options are: totally agree; agree; not agree; totally disagree.

Summary of scores

After completing the questionnaire, the student can see his/her average score for that questionnaire. If the student has filled out the questionnaire multiple times in different lessons, then he/she can find the scores for each lesson in the score summary.


The results are immediately available after the lesson on the teacher's phone or computer (completely confidential). The teacher sees the strengths of the lesson and where improvement is still possible. As Impact! has been used multiple times, then the trend in scores over a period of time can be seen.

Teacher web-environment

Teachers can easily select one of the Impact! questionnaires for the lesson he/she would like to receive feedback on. When needed, questions can be added, or teachers can create their own questionnaire.

Meet impact!

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